Honour, resulting in trustworthiness and dependability, has been an essential element for Singapore's economic success over the last fifty years, and has enabled the small city state to draw investments and talent from all over the world.

The Symposium is organised by Honour (Singapore) in the belief that the virtue of Honour enables sustainable success that goes beyond government, and that Honour is essential for sustainable success in relationships and leadership in families, businesses, organisations, and communities in all nations.

We live in a world where change is a constant, and the pace of change is accelerating. In order to navigate an increasingly volatile world, we need to have a stable set of values and principles to live by to address emerging challenges as we lead families, businesses, organisations, communities, and nations.

The Honour International Symposium brings together participants who are leaders in business, government, and community groups. It is an interactive program on the application of honour and honouring for successful business, stable homes, and strong nations.

Speakers at the Honour International Symposium come from a variety of backgrounds and from many countries. They will share their thoughts and experiences on the effective practice of honour in business, leadership, family, and life. Join us to learn and share new ideas and successful practices on how to win with honour in the face of many challenges across the public, private, and professional spaces.

Come to the Honour International Symposium to learn how individuals, families, organisations, communities, and nations can wisely prepare for the future by learning from what has succeeded in the past and at present. Find out why Honour is the Way to Win in relationships and leadership in the private, public, and professional spaces.

You can find out more about the event at www.HonourInternational.sg.


Honour is living by virtues, which are values in action. When you live an honourable life, you live according to universal virtues, and show great respect to yourself and other people by keeping your word and doing the right thing regardless of what others are doing1.

Honour can thus be said to be the virtue of all virtues, for without honour, one would not live out the values that one believes in.

Honour defines our humanity and it is ours to lose. It is like a muscle – we are born with it, but whether it maintains its functionality and grows depends on whether we choose to use and exercise it.

Trust is the most important currency for the success and sustainability of all long-term relationships regardless of whether it be in the personal, professional, or public space.


For a system of trust to work, one party must first honour the other party with trust, and this in turn must be honoured and reciprocated by the other party, before a relationship of honour can be established and sustained.

While there are arguably many dimensions to Honour, there are two dimensions that are particularly important for the survival and success of relationships and leadership in families, organisations, communities, and nations.