Dr William WAN

Dr William WAN

General Secretary, Singapore Kindness Movement

Chairman, Prison Fellowship Singapore

Dr William Wan is the General Secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement and a Justice of the Peace.  Besides Singapore, He has lived and worked in the US, Canada, Vietnam and Malaysia for nearly three decades.

A lawyer and theologian, Dr Wan has taught at universities at home and abroad, practised law, ministered in churches, and managed law firms, higher education institutions, psychometric and consulting businesses.  He is also a co-founder of the Christian Lawyers’ Fellowship, the Prison Fellowship and the Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore.

An author of 10 books including “Clearly Dyfferent” and “My Best with Honour” in support of the dyslexia and scouting community, respectively. Dr Wan is working on another book, “Living Well, Leaving Well.”  He also speaks regularly at public events and conferences.

For his contribution to society, Dr Wan received a number of awards including the Ottawa Board of Police Commissioners Civilian Commendation for Police-Community Education, The Ontario Solicitor-General’s Award for Crime Prevention, The Active Ageing Ambassador Award from the Council of Third Age,  The Abdeali Tayebali Lifetime Achievement Award and the President’s Volunteerism and Philanthropy Award.

A septuagenarian with an active bucket list which includes skydiving and scuba diving, he mentors young people including his three grandchildren who are all university undergraduates.