Mr Masaru FUJII

Mr Masaru FUJII

Former Head Coach

Japanese Olympic Shooting Team

Mr Masaru Fujii is the Vice-President of the National Rifle Association of Japan. Mr Fujii has trained Japanese shooters for the Olympic Games and the Asian Games, and is a well-known personality in the sport of shooting. He was the Head Coach of the Japanese National Shooting Team during the Athens Olympics in 2004.

Mr Fujii believes in maximising the talents and abilities of sportsmen - it is not just a matter of developing skills, but also of developing physical fitness, mental fitness, emotional fitness and spiritual fitness. 

Mr Fujii will share his views on why national champions can be motivated by winning in competitions, but competitions on the world stage can only be won through passion, commitment, and resilience - because standards are so close in international championships, winning may even be a matter of chance, and thus the ability to be energized again and again despite not winning, is critical.