Mr TAY Lai Hock

Mr TAY Lai Hock


Ground-Up Initiative

Tay Lai Hock is the Founder of Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) – best known as the Kampung Chief – is also an active advocate of learning by doing.  

GUI is a social enterprise, has its root as a non-profit and volunteer-driven community that seeks to restore the connection between city dwellers and the land. GUI also seeks to inspire urbanites on the importance of conscious and sustainable living.

In Apr 2009, GUI was relocated to Bottle Tree Park at Yishun, and harnessed the power of community to build the Kampung from a small space of 100sqm to1,500sqm, all within 3 years.

In Sep 2014, Lai Hock led GUI to lease a land space of 26,000sqm to pioneer new ways of learning through holistic experiential education.

In 2015, Lai Hock was invited by The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) to be one of the 3 panelist at the What Works Wellbeing conference. KHDA is the educational quality assurance and regulatory authority of the Government of Dubai, UAE.  It is responsible for the growth of private education sector in Dubai.

Since then, Lai Hock was invited many times to discuss the possibility of bringing the GUI philosophy to design wellbeing programme for the schools in Dubai.  In 2017, GUI team started running the Hatta Wellbeing programme for more than 10 schools covering grade 7-9 students, youths, teachers and principals.  GUI is set to be actively involved in the positive wellbeing education in Dubai.

Lai Hock seeks to build a ‘5G’ society: ‘Gracious, Green, Giving, Grounded and Grateful’ – which is a foundation for a 21st Century Kampung Culture that cultivates holistic solutions for a happier, liveable and sustainable future for modern society.