Ms Denise PHUA

Ms Denise PHUA

President, Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)

Mayor, Central Singapore District

Denise Phua is the President of the VWO, Autism Resource Centre (Singapore). She is also a  Member of Parliament for Jalan Besar Group Representation Constituency and Mayor of the Central Singapore District.

Denise is best known for her advocacy for those who are at risk of being left behind in Singapore and frequently speaks up for the disabled and Singaporeans with low-skills and low-income backgrounds. She is  one of the key architects behind three 5-year Enabling Masterplans for the Disabled in Singapore. An active volunteer, Denise supervises two charities – Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) and Autism Association (Singapore), and two special schools – the Pathlight School and the Eden School. She is the co-founder of  Pathlight School and helped start The Purple Parade, an annual movement to support inclusion and showcase abilities; as well asThe Purple Symphony, Singapore's largest inclusive orchestra.

Prior to her current portfolio, she acquired more than 20 years of local and overseas corporate management experiences in Hewlett-Packard, the Wuthelam Group and founded the Centre for Effective Leadership (Asia). She is a winner of the 2005/6 “Great Women of Our Times, Education and Public Service Category” awarded by Singapore Women’s Weekly. She gave up her corporate career in 2005 to become a full-time special needs volunteer before being approached to join politics in 2006.  She currently chairs the Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) for Education and is a member of the GPC for Social and Family Development.