Ms Francesca WAH

Ms Francesca WAH



Francesca is a passionate individual with a heart for the community. A teacher by profession, but a social worker by conviction, Francesca founded Bringing Love to Every Single Soul (BLESS), a Non-Profit Organization that actively engages the community with an aim to engage, enrich and empower the lives of the less privileged.

Under Francesca’s inspirational leadership, BLESS continues to attract more volunteers and reach out to more beneficiaries. BLESS has also signed a collaboration with NUS Centre for Social Development (Asia) to conduct applied research, contributing to knowledge building. It is indeed of commendable effort that she is able to lead an organization to greater heights without any manpower costs.

Viewing community as part of her family, Francesca’s life largely revolves around service to the community. The various facets of her life and the different hats she wears — as an educator; as BLESS’s chairperson; as one of the many people that make up the community, are not separable. Rather, it comes together as a whole and points towards her dedication to serve the community in all aspects of her life. Her patience, compassion and respect for every person has guided her in her service.

Through her personal life experiences, Francesca has tasted the goodness of others’ service to humanity. Today, Francesca’s ultimate desire is to, herself be, and inspire others, to also be channels of blessing to the community. She hopes that through her service, she too allows others to taste the goodness of her service to humanity, which then inspires them to contribute in whichever little ways they can, to bless the community they live in. Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Albeit challenging to wear different hats to manage her time and responsibilities, Francesca makes it a point to participate in dialogues and conferences to keep herself abreast of the needs in the changing landscape of Singapore. In June 2014, Francesca took part in the Singapore Model Parliament and she clinched the Best Member of Parliament Award. She was also awarded the Ten Outstanding Young Person Award (Singapore) in 2015 and The Silent Hero Award in 2016.

While having big visions might be daunting for many young persons, Francesca has stepped out and live by faith. With that, she has begun many small movements out of love for the community. And little by little, the successes of her projects have expanded to impact more lives, exemplify the following maxim: “Start by doing the necessary, next do the possible, and soon you will be doing the impossible.” Francesca’s spirit of excellence, coupled with her desire to apply her knowledge and skills to give her time, heart and youth to serve her community is admirable. For her dedication to the community, she was awarded Ten Outstanding Young Person (Singapore) in 2015.

Francesca has exemplified that in her race of life, she has been actively passing her baton— the blessing of fruitfulness, through her service.